Perspective App QR Code

In the Android perspective app there is an option to scan a QR-code to add a server. When I manually enter the gateway URL it loads fine. However, the QR-code made from the same URL gets stuck on “Loading Applications”…what am I missing? Is there other info or formatting that needs to be incorporated in the QR?

I’m going to bump this, although the issue I’m seeing is an ‘application not found’ error.

If I’m quick enough to save it after the scan and before the error, the URI is invalid.

Regardless of what I scan, I get the same result.



I got no data. In more ways than one. :crazy_face:

The QR-Code scanning to add projects was originally only meant to handle our perspective deep links.
perspective://serverIP:8088/secure/{projectName} for https
Scanning a URI in that format will work. This allowed the iPhone camera to launch projects in the app from QRs. It should still handle normal URIs though, I’ll add support in the next version of apps and update this post when they’re released.


Thanks for the heads up. That works perfectly.

I am also noticing that, although it will launch the perspective app, it won’t save it unless I hit the save link before it launches. Is this the intended behavior?

I don’t believe so, I’ll check it out. Thanks again for letting us know.

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