Perspective App Refresh Issues

I am working on a quality assurance project on perspective. On the main screen, I have a flex repeater of samples with the option to add, edit, or delete samples. With the add and edit features, it takes the user to a different screen where they can enter values and then return to the main screen. This works well and the changes take effect when the main view is reopened. However, the delete button should just delete the selected row and refresh the screen to show it is gone. I have tried using both system.perspective.refresh() and the refresh action on a button. Both of these options work in the browser, but I am having trouble getting it to refresh in the perspective app. Is there a different command I can use to refresh the app or possibly a better way to update the displayed data?

In the app, you can pull down from the top and hold for 2 seconds to reload. Otherwise, if you have a binding on the flex repeaters instances, you can use the refreshBinding() function in scripting.