Perspective App Session Fails to Connect - "Not a 'HTTP/1.1' request (was [HTTP/1.0])"

Hey folks,

This server is up and running, supporting perspective app sessions. I am off-site attempting to connect via VPN, and IT has set-up the connection path using what they called “Big IP,” which I am not familiar with. The long and the short of it is I connect to http://UserFriendlyURL:80 which routes traffic to http://IgnitionServerURL:8088.

When connecting through this path via the Perspective app, I am prompted to sign in, it attempts to connect, and kicks me back to the sign in prompt.

Meanwhile, this warn logs in the gateway:

I suspect that something in the routing is causing the error (being on-site I can connect fine using http://IgnitionServerURL:8088). Anyone help me decipher what this warning indicates and give me something to take back to IT to resolve this?


Bump - is it as simple as the client request coming in in the wrong http format / protocol?

I believe so. I doubt the Perspective app or browser you’re using is sending HTTP/1.0 request, it’s probably whatever forwarding mechanism or proxy IT has set up.

Perspective relies on WebSockets and you can’t use WebSockets with HTTP/1.0.

Roger that - thank you, Kevin.