Perspective App via Cloudflare Tunnel

I set up a Cloudflare tunnel to my Ignition gateway running on a Docker container and use Google idp for security.

Everything works beautifully using a browser. I can connect to the gateway and launch the Perspective project in the browser.

When I try to add this in the Android app, it says the host is valid, but no applications found. maps via the Cloudflare tunnel to http://:8088, using all their magic and certificates.

Any idea how to fix this?

Can you reach the gateway from a web browser on the android device? What about

Try to explicitly set the URL as https://<url>:443.

EDIT: I can't remember if this will specifically address your problem, but there was a recent situation I recall (involving QR codes) where the app would only recognize URLs with an explicit port.. That might have been fixed already, even, but thought I'd mention it as a quick thing to try.

Everything works fine from a browser. The original screenshots were all from a browser on the same device.

That results in the following, on the same device:

    "name": "Home",
    "title": "Home",
    "description": "Home automation",
    "author": "Administrator",
    "modified": "Feb 24, 2023, 10:42:50 AM",
    "thumbnailUrl": "",
    "launchUrl": "/data/perspective/client/Home"

Explicitly specifying the port has the same result. Host valid, but no projects listed

Do you have their authentication on the tunnel or is it just a reverse proxy with no extra authentication? If you are using their zero trust stuff, it won't work.

If you are just trying to access your stuff remotely, give tailscale a try.

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I'm using authentication. The device has been authenticated via the browser. Maybe the app doesn't share that authentication token/cookie/whatever.

What is the reason it won't work with the app?

I'll have a look at Tailscale. Really impressed with CloudFlare Tunnels so far; it's just the Perspective app that doesn't like it

The perspective app does not share authentication with the browser.


This may not solve your problem but it does show a way for "sharing authentication with the browser"