Perspective application not displaying on Ignition Perspective mobile app

Hi all,

A couple of months ago I setup the Ignition Perspective app to view two projects on my gateway, this worked as expected with no issues. Yesterday I attempted to set up the mobile app on another device to view the same two projects, however, the projects do not appear on the mobile but they do appear on the a web client. The mobile app displays “No applications found” but the web client (browser) has no trouble with displaying and launching the projects. I have never has this issues before normally it works without an issue.

Note - The two projects I have on my gateway both have the ‘hide project’ option NOT checked, yet the applications don’t appear on the mobile app but appear on a standard web client (browser).

Note - My gateway hosted in the cloud using caddy as a reverse proxy.

Hi Justin,

You might want to contact support: Support Home Page | Inductive Automation to open a ticket so a support rep can work with you to troubleshoot it.

I just figured out that you will have to use https://(gateway name):port for the IOS app. This fixed the issue for me.