Perspective Audio Component not playing audio on iPad (Perspective App or browser)

I am having some issues getting an mp3 file to play in a Perspective Session on an iPad (iPadOS16.6) from either the Perspective App or a browser (tested Chrome and Safari client). I've tried using @pturmel 's Blob module and copying the files to the webapps folder. I can get the audio to play in a browser with the URL format specified in the blob module as well as using the relative source path on every other platform (designer, android, chrome browser on Windows machine) but NOT on an iPad. Originally the files were .wav, which I've found is not supported on iOS, so I've converted to mp3.

Any one have any experience getting an iPad (or iPhone for that matter) to play audio clips with the Perspective audio component? Thanks in advance

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bump. any body run into anything like this?

Hm, I just tried a simple setup and it worked for me on iOS (iPhone and iPad), using the Webdev module and the Perspective mobile app. As a quick check you could try putting the audio file in the webapps folder (caveat: unsupported, see Perspective Audio component - #12 by PGriffith) but that might at least help narrow things down.