Perspective Authentication


I’ve been using perspective and I have developed user functionality in my project. The problem though is that I cannot add in user schedules like the ones that are available in Vision. I have not been able to allow users to create new user schedules, and I am not sure how to do so. Is there any additional functionality or scripting that is available that will allow me to do so?

Perspective has not implemented scheduling components at this point, though we recognize that this is an important piece for many customers and so we are looking to include this piece soon. There are scripting functions available in the user module.

I’ve been looking over this module and haven’t been able to find a way to add a currently existing schedule to a user. Where might I find this?

edit: It looks like after declaring a user I can set the schedule by simply using the set function.
user = system.user.getNewUser(self.userSource, self.username)
user.set(‘schedule’, ‘Always’)

It seems to work though I am not confident I’m doing it right.