Perspective Auto Login

Have read through forums but couldn’t find a suitable answer…

Does anyone know how I can set auto login for the perspective module? I can do it easy for vision, but not perspective.

It doesn’t have auto-login. Instead, you can set up a project that doesn’t require authentication.

Very much depends on your authentication setup… Our IdP is Office365 and my sessions all SSO login as my system/browser is already authenticated to Microsoft.

You might want to watch this thread for more details [FEATURE-1402] Perspective “autologin” IdP - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum


Just checked it out. Thank you!

Is there a possible way to set that up as a base but then also have the login feature for higher level access?

Just add security to your views you want to secure.


I did it in my project

I created a header page, without any security on it.
I add an empty label, but you can use any component in it
Add the following in a Startup Script on this component

if not system.perspective.isAuthorized(False, ["Authenticated"]):

So whenever I have a page with security, I use this header

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Works perfectly. I have a Map view in vision (browser module) that I use to look at the Map url and it would always ask me to login when security was enabled. I just put the script on my main header which I don’t use for this View and so I have security in rest of the project except this one!