Perspective auto-logs out after a few minutes

I have a Perspective project setup and I have noticed that if I jump to a new tab in my browser or do something else that I will quickly be logged out of my Perspective session.

Is this behavior caused by enabling Always ask the IdP to re-authenticate users by default?

And am I correct in assuming that I have to set this for each project individually?

I don't think it is, try going to your identity provider settings on the gateway, and check your Session Inactivity Timeout and Session Expiration settings.

Session Inactivity Timeout is set to 30 minutes (I am being logged out far quicker than 30 minutes).

Session Expiration is set to 0 minutes (which means a session will not have a max lifetime).

I have disabled Always ask the IdP to re-authenticate users by default for testing purposes and haven't been logged out since then so I think I have identified the problem correctly but I don't see why changing browser tabs would make me logout.

This is v8.1.27.

I re-enabled Always ask the IdP to re-authenticate users by default for more testing.

I was logged into my Perspective Session. I then logged out of the gateway webpage from another tab and it logged me out of my Perspective Session.

I am guessing that is be design?

Is it possible the browser itself is doing something here? What browser are you using

There has always been contention among cookies between the Gateway and Perspective. Please don't use both in the same browser.


I now do any development testing in a private window on my browser to avoid this, since I normally keep a tab open with our gateway webpage for troubleshooting/ general monitoring.


Additionally, Sessions will “refresh” whenever a Designer for the Gateway saves. If your sessions are open against a gateway that is undergoing active development, you should expect refreshes whenever someone saves their changes in the Designer.

Will any designer running on the gateway cause a refresh? For any project the designer has open?

If I have session A open and a user is modifying session B and saves will that cause a refresh for session A?