Perspective Azure IDP Authentication Problem

Hi All,

We are currently experiencing a problem with our Perspective Authentication using Azure as the IDP. Just curious if anyone has experienced anything similar:

  1. We launch Perspective and are brought to the Authentication Page which displays ‘Continue To Sign in Button’
  2. After clicking ‘Continue To Sign-In’ we are redirected to the IDP Login page
  3. We login with our email/password through the IDP Portal.
    4. After the IDP Login Portal authenticates, we are re-directed BACK to the same page as in step 1 where there is the ‘Continue Sign In’ button. However, when you click ‘continue to sign in’ nothing happens. It’s like the page is broken, you can click continue over and over and nothing happens.

Just curious if anyone has any ideas? Seems like things go awry after we authenticate through the LDP Login Page. We are just taken back to the initial perspective login screen, but nothing happens from this point on.

Many Thanks


Are there any errors reported in the gateway logs? What happens if you try to perform a test login from the Gateway Web Interface > Config > Security > Identity Providers page?

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Thanks @jspecht - ill pass that on. My colleague has since been in touch with Ignition Support so i will post back if i hear a solution

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Did You find a solution? Could You please share it?