Perspective barcode scan from Browser

Hi all. I’ve implemented a simple application that reads information from a QR code and do things. The scan is implemented through the “barcode scanned” session event, and works perfectly if run through Android app. Unfortunately, the customer now needs to use the application also in a panel PC with windows 10 installed, and use the on board webcam for scanning.
I don’t actually have the hardware, but for what I know the only way to run the application in this configuration is through the browser, and so it will not be able to use the camera to scan the barcodes. Will it be necessary to use an external barcode scanner, and use the “barcode scanner input” component to handle the read?
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You will indeed need a third-party scanner or dedicated mobile device for now. I believe the Workstation Edition of Perspective will allow for using webcams, but please don’t quote me on that. Your best bet for now is to use a mobile device as a dedicated scanner. When the device scans a tag, either write that value to a tag or use system.util.sendMessage(scope='S') (yes, the util version of sendMessage - not the `perspective version) to “broadcast” the message to other Sessions. Then you would want to configure some component to listen for barcode scans or watch the tag.

As for the barcode scanner component, you don’t need to use that component to do anything if you don’t want to - everything can be done with other components. The barcode scanner does allow for prefixing and suffixing, but if you don’t need those then you could use something else to display the data.

Many thanks for replying. I believe the best choice would be to use the mobile device as a barcode scanner, thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:

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Any update as to whether the integrated camera is available to use? I have a customer that wants to use the camera of a rugged PC to scan barcodes of different tools for data collection. I’m extremely new to Ignition and was hoping that it had been implemented.


The perspective app (iOs/Android) supports scanning barcodes using the device’s camera and reacting/handling the results of a scan. It’s mentioned in the docs here:, and there’s a IU topic that includes it here:

That seem to cover what you’re looking for?