Perspective Barcode with non-printable Characters

Good Afternoon,

I believe there is a bug/feature in the “BarcodeScannerInput” (referred hereafter as “BSI”) component when it comes to non-printable Hexadecimal characters.

I have a Honeywell CK65 which I have programmed to read barcodes for a BSI component within my perspective view. I have set-up the component props with a prefix of “$” and a suffix of “@”, and the scanner as a keyboard wedge with the same prefix and suffix.

Everything worked until we tried to scan a data-matrix barcode with Hex Chars [0x1E, 0x1C, 0x1D, 0x04]. Removing all of these characters allows everything to work as expected, but just one character will cause it not to go into the BSI component.

I am able to scan the barcode directly into a Text Field(which removes these characters), but not into the BSI component. I would expect it to scan the same way the Text Field interprets it, or as “<1e>” for 0x1e.

We are running IgnitionGateway 8.1.3. Has anyone else run into this issue?

I have found a work-around within the handheld scanner settings, which replaces the non-printable characters.

The process was a pain on the CK65, but Honeywell Phone Support was able to guide me through the multiple downloads/installs.