Perspective base font size for rem sizing

Ok I’m not a CSS guru by any means. Looking at the CSS that comes with the various object the font size and other padding etc… seem to be done in REM units. Which as I understand it are based onto a root font size. Where is that font size defined? If it isn’t defined where can I define it so that it is consistent across everything?

What lead me to this was I tried to set a font size across a popup using a style, and it seems that embedded views with text boxes don’t follow that style. So I’m now digging into how I can set one variable for a popup to get all the text in that popup to be a specific size unless already defined and that lead me around to this rem sizing.

Thanks for the help!

In CSS you can use multiple units to define the font size. This includes font relative units such as ‘em’ or ‘ex’, font relative root-based units such as ‘rem’, keywords, percentage, or even pixels.

For ‘rem’, the font size is relative to the size of the font used by the <html> element.

I haven’t delved into the styles inside of Perspective just yet, but when I have done web development in the past, I always tried to stick to the Absolute-size keywords, which are based on the user’s default font size (which gets set to medium). This makes the font sizes responsive and accessible.


OK that makes sense. They don’t define a font-size in the part so the falling back to medium wasn’t something I knew.