[Perspective] best way to play sound


How would you set a Perspective view to play a sound fired by an event and that works in browser (any), mobile (on iPad) and workstation (any os)?
I tried using video player but not reliable and on iPad, it won’t play without user touch.


Have you tried system.util.playSoundClip? It lists perspective sessions as in its scope.

playSoundClip won’t work and that description is misleading at best. playSoundClip will execute if called from Perspective - but the sound will be played from the gateway, not the local session.

There’s a somewhat involved workaround involving an iframe on the forums - that’s still probably your best option.

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Any plan to add this in future release?

Yes, there are open plans. I wouldn’t expect anything in the short term - we have to figure out how this would actually work, first.