Perspective Bound Custom Properties Disappear

I understand that custom properties without a value disappear when they are not set to persistent, but the manual says the exception to this rule is bound properties. I think I found a bug that involves object type custom properties.

To recreate this issue:

  1. Create a custom property on a view that is an object type.
  2. Create two keys for this object and bind one of them to a tag. Leave property as transient.
  3. Save the view and close.
  4. Re-open the view, only the un-bound key will still be visible.

The object still shows there is a binding, but it is not visible. If you add another key to the object, the first key will re-appear. Setting the key to persistent will fix the issue, but I still think this is a bug.

This bug only seems to effect object type properties. Array and value types seem to work fine.

This was tested in Ignition 8.1.0.

Could someone from Ignition confirm if this is a bug?

I’m not seeing this behavior in 8.1.3, but it will probably be at least Monday before I could get an 8.1.0 environment in place to verify this due to other obligations.

My Perspective Property Editor after saving/closing/opening:

Thanks. I will try upgrading and report back.