Perspective BoxPlot chart

Do you have any idea how to draw a Boxplot on perspective .


you can use apex chart since 1.0.15 boxPlot has been added to the list of chart types

Thanks Ahmed for your support.
apex chart I found the list as below and boxplot not existed :

make a check on the version

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Thank ahmed ,I updated the module with last verison 1.0.16

I face challenge now that I can not show some examples in the trend page

and the xy format should be as below

I cannot modify the series exaclty as mentioned in the format,Can you tell me how to fix this

@pturmel ,Can you help me here ?

change "y" in data to array type not string

or if you face a problem with apex
you can use Plotly Plotly Module - BIJC Module Support

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Our pharaoh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:

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I found that Plotly Module has more advanced features ,easier ,free and does not have problems in updating series.
I prefer it compared to Apex boxplot.