Perspective Breakpoint Container in a popup

Hi all, I need to open a popup with system.perspective.openPopup whose components must be differently arranged, depending on the device the operator is using (PC or Smartphone). The root container of the view I use for the popup is therefore a breakpoint container, where I've embedded my 2 different views.
Unfortunately that arrangement does not seem to work, i.e. the device does not matter and the poopu shows always the view which I configured as Large in the breakpoint container children configuration.
Any suggestion?

Fill in the 4 positions: top, bottom, left and right this will set the initial margin of the popup to the screen, and will disable the normal sizing behavior allowing the popup to scale on your phone

if that turns out to be to big for your big screen you can give the popup a max-width/height
with the stylesheet. change yourPopupId accordingly to your popup identifier

	max-width: 800px;
	max-height: 800px;