Perspective Breakpoint container switching inside a flex repeater

Hi I am using a flex repeater with the path pointing to a view with a root container of type breakpoint. The problem is that the breakpoint is not switching between the two sizes when changing the width. The breakpoint switch is working fine when the view is called directly from a page.

Hi, how did you fix this problem ?

I am also having problems with breakpoint views not switching, when the breakpoint view is embedded in another view.

Keep in mind that the Breakpoint Container is based on its own size, not the size of the browser Viewport. Not sure if this is your situation, but a nested Breakpoint Container may not be hitting the Breakpoint you have configured. It’s helpful to add loud, contrasting background colors to your containers to test whether they are sized as you’re envisioning in the browser page.

Hi @ray,

I am facing similar problem at my end. I have a Tab Container (Root) --> Flex Repeater --> Breakpoint View --> Inside Breakpoint view I have 2 Flex.

When I launch my Breakpoint view in URL having 400 breakpoint, it works well…, switches to small view. However now I called the Breakpoint inside tab --> flex repearer, this does not work. Please suggest

@Gaurav.Shitole Happy to help. Could you provide an export of the view, or perhaps provide more details of the sizing and configurations?

Hi @ray, Thanks for quick response.

nvm The issue resolved when I unticked “Use Default width” property.