Perspective browser compatibillity

Hello All,

I am running into some walls with Perspective and LG Signage enabled panels. We have made some production dashboard in perspective and we want to distribute those dashboards via our LG Signage management software.

Unfortunately we are unable to make it work, and browser compatibility (React framework?) seems to be the issue. LG Signage webOS 4.1 is based on Chrome v53. Apparently React should be supported from Chrome v49 (But it is old info)

Did anyone run into this issue, or is there an IA perspective browser compatibility list that conclusively tells me why we can not run our Dashboards. Ignition browser compatibility info on the IA website is a bit basic.

I would think that IA perspective should be able to run on signage systems since production dashboards are quite common in the production industry and enterprises often use centrally managed solutions.

We are running Perspective 2.1.7 on Ignition 8.1.7 our webserver runs SSL encryption with the latest Cipher Suites.

Any input is welcome!


This page lists Chrome 57 as the minimum supported version: Perspective Sessions - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


Somehow missed it :upside_down_face:

Solution to our problem is by the way that LG signage for enterprise comes with webOS 4.1 which only supports up to Chrome v49.

We used the Ignition webdev module to get rid of react framework lib items and replace with HTML5 code. After this LG signage accepts the http perspective site.

We also have a certificate problem when using https, but we are still working on that one.

Hope it helps for someone!