Perspective built-in Symbol Animations High CPU

Has anyone else had issues with high cpu with Ignition Perspective’s built in animations for faulting on pumps and valves as well as the agitator for tanks? We’ve had to disable these features for our client as, at a minimum, if a screen was up showing one of these animations, the cpu would increase anywhere from 20-30% and slowly keep incrementing based on how many valves/tanks with agitators were on the screen. We have 6 thin clients connected to this server and the majority of screens have tanks with agitators. when we went live with ignition perspective 8.1.0 and still on 8.1.1. the cpu between all of those 6 spiked to 100% and once we got rid of the agitators visibility and changed the css of valve faults the cpu now hovers down around where we expect it at ~20-30% for all 6. We were told they fixed this in v8.1.4 but we upgraded a simulation environment and the issue persists. The first picture is the simulation environment and the live client environment is the second picture.