Perspective Button Image style

Does the style property work on a button’s image property? I’m trying to get the image to toggle on a binding (visibility in this case)

  "source": "",
  "icon": {
    "path": "ignition/rollback",
    "color": ""
  "width": 24,
  "height": 24,
  "position": "left",
  "style": {
    "classes": "",
    "visibility": "hidden"

However any properties added to the style doesn’t show up in dev tools.

I’d probably apply the binding to the image.icon.path property instead.

if({condition}, 'ignition/rollback', '')

Yep that’s my alternate plan, was hoping to piggy back off a common implementation if it was available.

It seems like the properties don’t apply to the icon at all for some reason. You could use an expression on the icon’s color property to swap between the desired color and transparent, as well. That way you wouldn’t need to touch the icon path if you were going to copy and paste multiple instances of this button and didn’t want to have to edit a binding on the icon path for each.

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