Perspective Button momentary text

I’m on 8.1.4, currently.

I noticed that in Perspective, I have a button with an expression binding on the button text, and everything works great – except that when a page first opens up, a quick “button” displays as text in the button, then disappears. After some testing, this seems to be happening only because I have the text determined by an expression binding. If I remove this expression binding, and do something like replace the text with nothing, the quick button text goes away. Is this a bug, and/or is there a workaround to ensure that (when a view is first loaded) the button simply displays no text until the expression binding is evaluated?

Try right clicking the button’s text and setting the ‘Persistent’ property.

No apparent change in behavior, with ‘Persistent’ checked or not. Alas.

It shouldn’t matter, but this button is in an embedded object in a parent project.