Perspective Calendar

We are pleased to announce the beta release of our new perspective calendar module.

Head to to get a trial download link, and see the documentation (still being constructed). You may even find a different free module…

We would really appreciate any feedback, and we’d love to see your screenshots!

Currently compatible from 8.0.3 onwards. No support for 8.1 yet.


This module has been updated to correct a resizing issue within coordinate containers. Please note, the calendar component must be placed either within a Flex container, or a coordinate container.

Please expose style property for every section so we can custom the overall look.

The component will inherit the styling section of the container it is inside, additionally the following styling options are available:

  • Background – Can be set to a solid colour or a gradient using a colour array provided. The opacity can be set and the gradient can be modified with a rotation or location depending on which gradient style is used.
  • Title – The font color, size, weight and family can be defined. A separator can also be defined for when a date range is shown.
  • Buttons – The button colour, text font and colour of the active button can be defined.

And on events:

  • borderColor: The color around the border of the event.
  • backgroundColor: The color in the background of the event box. Also used in the dots at the side of the list view.
  • textColor: The color of the text on the event.

Event Display

  • Color – The default background and border colour of the events.
  • Background Color – The default background colour of the events. Overrides the Color property
  • Border Color – The default border color of the events.
  • Font – The colour, weight, size and family can all be set.

If there is sufficient interest, we can look to add more options.


The Perspective Calendar module has been updated to support Ignition Version 8.1.

The 8.1 version of the module now also supports rrule recurrence for repeating events.

Find it here:

This video demontrates using rrule within the component


Hi @jonathan.taylor,

Does the licensing/module support redundant gateways?

Absolutely - pricing follows IA redundancy pricing with the redundant licence at 50%.

Hi Jonathan, calendar component is really nice. I’m looking for a couple of things…

  • Multiple events overlap. Can they re-size to fill the day column but not overlap?
  • For the week view, can we limit the number of days shown to say three? I know this is not a week, but am looking at being able to show scheduled events on multiple lines over the course of a few days.
  • How do I change the current view programmatically? Changing the default view doesn’t change the current view. Can’t figure out how to get the listView although it sometimes appears after editing.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for looking at the calendar module - I’ve passed your questions on to our developer in-house. He’s just finishing off a project in the next few days but will be looking at this as soon as he can. I did have a brief conversation with him this morning and he says it’s possible he could add in the ability to programmatically change the view, and that he’ll look into the list view too.

I’ll be in touch soon


An update:

We have now released version 1.6.2 of the calendar module which now includes the EXDATE portion of rrule and adds a slotEventOverlap property to toggle events overlapping on a time view.

Additionally, a new parameter of currentView on the root of the property tree can be used to change the current view and will change to reflect what is being shown if the buttons/links on the calendar are used.

A list of valid views plus documentation for the rest of the calendar properties can be found on our module support website along with a link to the updated module file.

Also, there is a parameter of the “Date and Time Display” section called Hidden Days, this is an array of integers of which days to hide from the calendar. Days are indexed from 0 = Sunday and range 0-6.

Download available at

slot_overlap_prop hidden_days_array current_view_prop

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Is it possible to translate some terms (month,day,week,…) and to use other langage (FR) for month/day ?

We should be able to do this no problem. We will update it early next week.


A new version is available with translations.

Additionally two more properties are available:

  • localeSettings.locale (string ISO-3166 locales)
  • localeSettings.dir (string) - either ‘rtl’ or ‘ltr’ (controls direction some rendering)
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Thanks for the feedback.
I will test it as soin as possible !

There is now an update to this module available on this post