Perspective can't drag component

env Ignition8.0.3
system Linux Fedora29
Designer-Perspective-can’t drag component or tags,I don’t know why?

Thanks for reporting. We’re already tracking this issue. It only affects Linux systems.

In the meantime, you can select the Perspective component and then click to place it on the screen instead.

Thanks for your replay:+1:

Any update on this issue? Still seeing it today.

No, nothing has changed. This issue is totally blocked until we land a JXBrowser upgrade and figure out if it will allow us to switch the browser component back to lightweight rendering mode. For now you’ll still have to click-and-place instead of drag.

Ok, the other effect of this issue that hasn’t been mentioned is that it makes using symbol factory impossible

I’ll make a note of this on the ticket, it may boost the priority but I don’t know if it changes anything about the blocker.

You’re talking about using Symbol Factory with Perspective, right?

I understand. Thanks for the fast responses.