Perspective: Can't open dock from popup (because I'm an idiot)

I’m trying to open a dock from a button in a popup, but nothing happens when I click on the button. I’ve tried both the Dock action and via a script action. I can use the same commands from a button on a normal, non-popup View

Bump. Is there a workaround for this?

Can you post the identifier for the Popup? (not the Dock) As a workaround until I can diagnose the issue, send a message from the popup, and place a handler on the main view and allow the handler to operate the Dock.

The popup is a single popup that I use for all devices where I have an embedded view that gets substituted out based on the device i’m showing and the popup id i’m opening them with is variable based on:
popupId = 'device-popup-%s-%s' % (deviceParentPath, deviceName)
where deviceParentPath + '/' + deviceName is the tag path to the device.
For example:
device-popup-Winery/Area/Tank/Pump A

The id of the confirm dock is:

The button that calls to open the dock is from within the embedded view mentioned above, which itself is inside another nested embedded view:
Device Popup -> “Device View” Embedded View -> “Runtime display” Embedded View -> “Reset runhours” Button to open confirm dock

If the identifier has any “/” characters, we’ve identified areas where Popups will fail to execute some Actions. See this post: Perspective File Upload component onFileReceived not firing in a popup

Just as an experiment, try modifying the identifier to something simple and see if it works so that we can verify this is the issue you’re encountering.

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Well that’s embarrassing… I only had the dock added to one particular page. I must have thought I’d selected Shared config, but really I was just configuring one page. It works now unchanged (i.e. still using the “/” in the popup id) after adding the confirm action dock into the shared config.

Interesting. Okay.

Atleast you solved a forum post today :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t be so hard on yourself–idiots don’t solve their own forum topics… (:

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Haha, that’s one way to think about it!