Perspective Carousel - Script to advance pane

I have a simple carousel with 6 panes and it works fine. I would like to use it to show a sequence of events so I would like to write a script that will cause the carousel to advance to the next pane.

What I was hoping for is to see the animation when advancing to the next pane.

I made a simple button with the following onClick script. It does change the pane, but doesn’t actually show the animation between panes.

	activePane = self.getSibling("Carousel").props.activePane
	paneLegnth = len(self.getSibling("Carousel").props.views)-1


If I click on the carousel dots or arrows it advances to the next pane and shows the animation.

Is there a script that can be used to advance to the next pane and show the animation??

I would also find this useful, did you ever find a solution?

No. Started using the Perspective View Canvas instead.