Perspective Carousel - values with bindings not updating

I’m trying to use a carousel to display multiple pages with no interaction required, but the pages are static and don’t update while in the carousel. Some items don’t even appear as visible unless I mark them as persistent. I’m running 8.0.6.

Hi @hayden.harrill, thanks for reporting. We have an active bug open to address this issue.

I found that custom viewParams are not passed in to the children views when the Carousel is set to autoplay. It works ok in the designer until you toggled to preview mode, also does not work in the perspective client. Tried version 8.0.6 and 8.0.9 - edge, firefox, chrome.

This is most likely a result of the same problematic race condition as the binding issue. We're currently in the process of re-writing the Carousel from the ground-up (with the goal being that current users won't even notice we've done anything other than their Carousel no longer has these issues), so it should be fixed potentially as early as 8.0.10, possibly not until 8.0.11.

Hi, has this issue been solved yet?

The carousel was rewritten and the new implementation introduced in 8.0.11 if I recall correctly. This issue was resolved with the improvements included in that effort.

I'm having this issue still in 8.1.26. Bindings nested deep enough are not being refreshed when the carousel active pane changes.