Perspective Change Script using multiple Tag

I've got three buttons that change colors based on the status of their tag (Buttons 4, 5, and 6). Buttons 5 and 6 have their own dedicated tag that I've bound the background color property to. However, Button_4 does not have a tag and instead needs to illuminate when Button 5 and 6 are not illuminated. I've attempted to do this by creating a custom property called current_tag_value on each. When I press button 4 it will set Button_5.custom.current_tag_value to 0 and Button_6.custom.current_tag_value to zero.

I've then created the shown change script attached to the Button_4.custom.current_tag_value, but when the other two equal zero it is not setting it to one. Any insight?

This should not be a script. Just an expression binding that does:

!({} || {})

This will be true when both props are false (== 0).

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Thank you!