Perspective Chart Quetsion

I want to create a trend like picture “1”. What kind of chart should I configure?

And if you look at the top right of the picture "1", if you press the Year, Month, Week, Day, 6h, 1h buttons, you want to see the trend for that date. What should I do?

Hi jiyoung_hwang1,

The image you are sharing is a Power Chart component from Perspective. The buttons at the top most likely set the rangeStartDate and rangeEndDate of the Power Chart via scripting using Ignition's functions. For more information on the Power Chart here is the manual page.

Can you give me just one example?

I'm new to ignition, so I can't solve it well.

What did you read? What did you not understand? Where are you stuck?

The main thing to realise is that you add the component in the designer, then start the designer preview and configure the chart "live" by adding tags and configuring the axes and pens (gear icon button). The settings are saved with the project.

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