Perspective charts time scale tick marks not aligned as expected

Ignition 8.1.4 (and earlier): Time scale tick marks that don’t display full time with minutes (and seconds on shorter scales) do not align to times. Here you can see the actual time at “09” hour on timescale is 09:37:16, not near 09:00:00 as a viewer would expect:
Because tick marks are in fixed display locations, not aligned to particular times, results look weird/off if time format of labels doesn’t included minutes (and seconds for shorter time ranges).

Is there a way to align the tick marks with hours–or other times? Ideally, I’d like a tickInterval property (set in time units–years/months/days/hours/minutes/second) in place of tickCount, and have the ticks align with relevant times. For example, a tick interval of minutes would align on the minute (with no seconds), and a tick interval of hours would align on the hour.


This also applies to the Power Chart. Note the 5 am tick mark is much closer to 6 am:
Users find this confusing. Is there a way to work around it and get these tick marks aligned with the time?

I am facing the same issue and wondering if there is a solution yet.

I’m facing the same issue as well. Is there any solution to this? This is very misleading for the end user.

I’m only aware of the workaround of displaying the full time so minutes and seconds show where the tick marks actually are. It would look better if we could show just hours (or even days in some cases) on long time ranges and have tick marks align with them.