Perspective Chat Box

I am trying to figure out the best way to have a webpage to allow technicians to ask questions(Troubleshooting) and engineers to respond through a perspective page.

There is quite a few things that come look into any sort of chat/forum system… Your best bet is to google some kinda tutorial for websites and mimic what they do but in python xd

The main this is storing the topic into a database with some details like title, name, date ect.
and then a dbtable with replies linked to the id of the topic.
i guess, there really are lots of ways to go about it all with pros and cons

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I had to make something like this, the top answer on this stackoverflow question is very thorough about the database design you should be making - - thread messaging system database schema design - Stack Overflow - I recommend following it. It is how I set mine up and it works very nicely.

After you correctly design your database, now it’s juts up to using your GUI to allow users to send messages to threads etc. But imo the database design of doing something like this is critical to get right or you will be in for a bad time at some point.

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I’d maybe check the Exchange, I believe some stuff like this is already built that you could pull in, including some Teams integration stuff from the build-a-thon if thats what you’re company uses for messaging.


Thank you for your responses!

Was able to figure out how to accomplish this, I had tried a memory tag but I don’t think I found all the correct settings. I tried again with a memory tag and set it to be text type in the binding set it to bidirectional and this worked. I can now have multiple users input data to the field and it will populate where it is called.

Be careful with using tags for this. Tag operations aren’t atomic; you’re likely to end up overwriting messages if two are submitted at the same time.

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