Perspective checkbox does not refresh correctly

I have an issue with Perspective checkboxes not refreshing correctly after the underlying data is modified through Python scripting. In my application, I’m trying to create run Pareto analysis on the report data. I want to resort the data when the user checks / unchecks an item, sending the unchecked items to the bottom of the list. I’m using a Flex Repeater and am manipulating the instances property to display the sorted data. The problem occurs when I uncheck and option. The underlying data is resorted, with the unchecked item moving to the bottom, but the new item at that position displays as unchecked as well. The checkbox is bound to the Select property.



Underlying data:

What version of Ignition is this?


Can you provide an export of your view? Or maybe contact support with this. I’m not aware of any bug tickets that would explain this behavior (though Perspective is not my area of expertise).

My immediate thought is that just because you’re passing the correct value in to the instance, doesn’t mean that it’s correct making it into the checkbox on the inner view, but that wouldn’t explain why it works in the other situations, so :man_shrugging: