Perspective Checkbox ToggleButton Problem (sets then immediately resets)


I have a Boolean memory tag. I bound the tag to the selected property of a Checkbox.
With my View open in a browser and the value of the tag is false and I check-the-box, sometimes the value of the tag goes to true (like you’d expect) but more often than not the value changes to true and immediately changes back to false.

I bound the same tag to a ToggleSwitch. The same thing happens.

My tag is only used in one other place, a Gateway Timer script in a system.tag.readBlocking function.

I’m using Ignition 8.1.13
Browser is Chrome version 98.0.475.102
It does the same thing in Bing
Thought it might be a debounce issue with my mouse button, nope, tried 2 other mice, same thing happens.

Hi Transistor. Edit complete.

Is the binding configured as Bi-Directional? Or are you writing the value to the tag via some other means?

Yes, binding is configured as bi-directional. It is not written to by any other means.