Perspective Client, additional WebSocket connections

Are there any SDK functionalities for creating additional WebSocket connections between a Perspective client and the gateway?

No. Everything in the architecture assumes that, by definition, a connected Perspective session is communicating over the single extant websocket.

This sounds like a bit of an XY problem - why do you want to set up a second connection?

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I’m looking to stream high frequency time series data to the client, and I’d like to do it “out-of-band” from the rest of the system and in a non-JsonObject format.


Fair enough. The websocket we create in ChannelStore is just the standard browser WebSocket API, so it shouldn't be too challenging to create your own. You'll have to implement your own websocket servlet in your module's code - that'll probably be more complicated, especially tying back contextual info from the frontend to the backend to plumb everything through.