Perspective Client Buttons have selected Text Labels

I usually work with Vision. Now I am taking over a perspective project and I have a bit of a pet peeve right now with my touch screen button components.

The Text embedded in the button is selectable from the client screen. So if you click the button on a touch screen it will highlight the text and not actually trigger the button. You have to click in an area that has no text.

I would like to disable this ability to highlight the button label. I can't find a property for this.

Thank you.

Set pointer

For anything Perspective styling, you can try searching for CSS props relating to what you want to do. Styling here is a bit wider reaching, and includes things like cursor icons, mouse events (e.g. disabling them), animations, options when components "overflow" the container, etc.

Note: only a select number of css props are exposed by the style editor in the designer, however you can add any valid css prop directly into the style prop manually if it's not exposed.

Ps, you might want to create a set of perspective styles and include some that style your buttons and that include the cursor: pointer style

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