Perspective Client Component History

I am work with with this ignition exchange project Perspective Historical Playback and my goal is the following:

I would like to have a pop window than bring in that project. When this is activated I would like all my components on the client window to have their tag path connect to this component when it is up.

  • This way if our clients had some kind of issue they could go to one of their screens, click the pop up button and then adjust the time as the need to see what went on.
    Examples: Green - is what I would like it to be. Yellow highlight: me check the paths are being past to the ignition exchange component.

I was thinking of using this post topic to know when my popup is active to make this change Check if Named Popup window is open and if this is True then do the above. Like an on off switch for our clients screens.

As for how I will pass the tags in the ignition exchange component I like how this topic did it, for a different output, but none the less effective. Pass string array as parameter to popup

That said, my issue is I can not seem to find a way to connect the tag paths to this Ignition exchange component without manually doing it. Personally I would not want to have all the tag paths inside this ignition exchange component which all other screen components connect to it. If that one component goes down the whole screen will fail is concerning.

Is there a way to possible do this, or even better is there some built-in in methods ignition offer that I can do this?