Perspective Client Hostname

If Ignition 8.1.10rc is running in a Docker Container, on windows, will it be able to resolve the client hostname?

Gateway configuration:

Session.props from a client

If you’re running your docker container with the default bridged network setup then all the connections are going to appear to come from the network gateway ( and DNS resolution is not going to do anything for you here.

I also just noticed that the gateway setting does not survive a reboot.

Are you mounting/persisting the data directory?

Yes the data directory is mounted in a separate volume that is persisted. Other gateway settings changes survive reboot just fine. I just tested with Ignition installed on the host and the setting does survive reboots. It appears as if this is just an issue when installed in a container.

Ah, I did some digging, and it looks like that's expected behavior. The thing to do is pass the resolveHostNames flag in as a container argument:

Docker image now supports passing arbitrary "gateway.*=" key/value pairs for the gateway.xml after the double-hyphen in the command args, similar to the existing capability for JVM/wrapper args.

So you would add gateway.resolveHostNames=true to the container.

Expected behavior for Docker only? Will the setting persist reboots on a VM?

Yes. It’s only necessary for Docker.

I just noticed that the data mount location is different in Inductive Automation’s images.

kcollins - /var/lib/ignition/data
IA - /usr/local/bin/ignition/data

After the ‘Resolve Client Hostnames’ is checked, I am still getting the IP address of my Client instead of the hostname in the

Client hostname resolution is a reverse DNS operation on the IP address seen by the gateway, not a value passed from a client. Don’t expect client browsers to ever be trusted to do so.


You can try with on a button click or on any tag event script in tags to get hostname.

As noted in the docs, this yields the gateway hostname, not the Perspective client hostname.