Perspective Client not able to see variables in custom theme


I have a custom theme defined that simply adds some colour variable definitions which I am using in some Style definitions. However the variable don’t seem to exist in the browser.



If I change one of the colours to use a static colour then it works.

This is my style definition that the Stopped display is using

Total shot in the dark, but try var(—dev-txt-stopped)

  1. I do believe named colors require the var() wrapper.
  2. This could also just be a caching issue, so try clearing your browser cache. I don’t believe a gateway restart is necessary.
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Definitely looking forward to a time when refreshing theme information in the designer/client is easier during development

I think we’re working on a smarter cache…

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Thanks @cmallonee, wrapping in var() fixed it. I was using these originally when I found out you could use them, but I changed to removing the var() after reading the doco in the inside the theme readme:

Variables can also be used in the Designer’s property editor as the value of a components style property. Assuming that the variable exists, of course. Simply specify the variables name as the style property value:

backgroundColor: --corporateColor

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