Perspective Clients Not Updating Upon Saving Changes

We have an ongoing issue that we are not sure is related to hardware, network, screen design, Ignition, etc. There are a few behaviors we see, but the easiest one to describe is that if we modify the screen being displayed and click save, the updates propagate to some of the clients but not all.

For example, the other day I added the client IP address to the bottom of the screen and it showed up on some displays, but not others.

There is a screen at every shipping dock door and the URL works like this:


The view itself is exactly the same across ~100 displays but the data that is shown is adjusted via parameterization. For example if I go to shipping/1 I am taken to the lane set screen that contains lane 1 like this:

Out on the floor it looks like this. At that time I had added the client IP address at the bottom of the screen but it did not propagate to this screen. If I restart the client (power off and then back on) it would come up correctly.

If anyone has input or experience with issues updating perspective clients across a large amount of screens all located on the same network, please provide input.



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