Perspective Column Container parameters that can change based on breakpoint?

Is there some type of parameter that can be changed based on different Column Container Breakpoints?

I have multiple text fields (all of different sizes) that need to shrink/grow based on the breakpoint. I also have a simple gauge that has a text field that does not seem to be modified by the styles so I need some other way than using a simple style to make these modifications.


You can use the same system of nested containers as shown in the Perspective Demo Project.

  • Create your column container in a separate view with a parameter ‘size
  • Create a view with a breakpoint container, name it BreakpointMedium. Set the breakpoint to the same value as the column view medium breakpoint.
    In both breakpoint add your column container as an embedded view and pass ‘small’ resp. ‘medium’ as value for the ‘size’ parameter
  • Create a second breakpoint container with the breakpoint set to your column views large breakpoint. In the small breakpoint add the BreakpointMedium view as embedded view, in the large breakpoint add the column container and pass ‘large’ as value for the ‘size’ parameter.

In the column container you can now use the size param in property bindings for the styles.

ColumnContainer (11.7 KB)