Perspective - Column View

Trying to follow the tutorial here:

When I create a column view and click on the root container, I don’t see an option to change the column size. It’s a simple step to follow and I’ve done it multiple times now with no result. Not sure if this is a versioning issue.

I’m running v8.0.2.

Has anyone else seen this?

Ah, if you’re referring to the count of columns (props.columns), that property was removed in 8.0.1. There is no longer a way to modify the column count.

The property was removed because odd values resulted in undesirable behaviors for some components.

Inductive University is aware that the video is out-of-date, but updating the video is still on their to-do list.

Makes sense.
I was worried that I had a bad install. Apparently my designer doesn’t maximize for some reason. When I click on the maximize button, it just resizes to full screen but doesn’t actually maximize.

I thought that was weird and figured maybe my installation is bad.
Have you noticed the designer maximize issue before?

I have not, but quirks like that are usually environment-specific. Could you provide the specifics of your environment so that I could attempt to replicate the issue? (OS w/ version, Ignition build number) Also, how many monitors are you using? We’ve noticed some odd behaviors in workspaces which uses multiple monitors, especially if the workstation is a laptop which is regularly disconnected and re-connected.

I work with 3 screens.

My laptop is Windows 10 Pro x64./ i7 Processor / 32GB RAM

Ignition Platform 8.0.2 (b2019060511)
Symbol Factory Module 6.0.2 (b2019060511)
WebDev Module 4.0.2 (b2019060511)
Alarm Notification Module 5.0.2 (b2019060511)
SFC Module 4.0.2 (b2019060511)
OPC-UA Module 8.0.2 (b2019060511)
Enterprise Administration Module 3.0.2 (b2019060511)
SQL Bridge Module 9.0.2 (b2019060511)
DNP3 Driver Module 3.0.2 (b2019060511)
Vision Module 10.0.2 (b2019060511)
OpcCom Module 5.0.2 (b2019060511)
Reporting Module 5.0.2 (b2019060511)
Perspective Module 1.0.2 (b2019060511)
Web Browser Module 4.0.2 (b2019060511)
  • Connected Gateway : http://hosted-on-different-vm:8088
  • Java Version : Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.3
  • JVM Memory (used/max MB) : 208.0 / 1,024.0
  • Client Time Zone : America/Los_Angeles [GMT-8:00]
  • Gateway Time Zone : America/Los_Angeles [GMT-8:00]

Thanks. I’ll attempt to replicate the issue when I can find some time today.