Perspective Commit on Close option

In Vision, I can set a project setting to prompt if I want to commit a window or template. This is useful if I make a change that the ‘Undo’ function can’t fix and quickly close (selecting ‘No’ for commit), then re-opening it.

With perspective views, if something gets messed up that an ‘Undo’ function can’t undo, closing the view, will just auto commit those changes. The only way I’ve found around it is to close designer without saving, then re-opening it. Am I missing something to be able to close a view without committing changes?

Right click the tab in the Perspective workspace - there’s an option to commit without saving.

In our experience, commit on close was by far the better default - and as you said, you can always revert the designer state if you do accidentally commit changes. (Bonus: You can just re-open the same project to refresh your designer’s state).

Thanks, I didn’t even think of right-clicking on the tab. That is useful to know.