Perspective Component Hot-Reload

Is there any way I can hot-reload perspective components so that I don't have to fully re-compile my module every change while testing/debugging? At the moment I'm building something as a standalone react component and then clumsily copy/pasting it into my project and setting up all of the perspective props/bindings.

I don't think we have this documented anywhere (at least, that I can find), but you can use a JVM argument of the form -Dres.path.yourModuleId=path/To/Some/Folder;path/To/Another/Folder to tell the gateway to always look for resources for yourModuleId at the listed folder path(s). You'll probably also want to set Dres.preferFlatDistResolve=true so that we take the supplied paths directly, instead of looking inside them for mounted/js and mounted/css folders.

Both of those would go into your ignition.conf or otherwise be supplied to your development gateway as parameters.
You may also need to specify -Dperspective.gateway.disableClientCaching=true.

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I vaguely recall some old SDK instructions for setting up a debug JVM that mentioned something like this. (I never do this for regular modules. My compile/install cycle is pretty quick.)