Perspective Component Using Maven Build

I’m trying to get the “web” scope of my project to build with javascript only so that I can continue using maven for a while longer. I’ve read all the documentation and I believe I should just be able to run lerna run build in the root of the “web” scope and it’ll webpack all of my javascript up and stick it in the various resource folders. The current problem that I’m having is that I can’t seem to get yarn to resolve the Inductive dependencies properly.

I’ve added a .yarnrc file defining the Inductive nexus registry, but I get this error:
error An unexpected error occurred: " connect ECONNREFUSED".

I have the Inductive node-packages repository defined as:

Is that correct? Is there something else I’m missing?

Do you have an .npmrc as well, or just a .yarnrc? Can you post the exact line you’re using for the registry?

This issue suggests a specific registry format that’s global (but also undocumented…), but .npmrc supports ‘scoped’ registries - there may be some interplay between Yarn and NPM to sort out. It’s suspicious that the download error is on an obviously non-Ignition package.

Well not 10 minutes later I figured out that I need to put https and yarn seemed to work from there.

For anybody else on the same process here is my .yarnrc file:

registry:"" "@inductiveautomation:registry": ""
yarn-path ".yarn/releases/yarn-1.22.15.cjs"
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