Perspective components and property editor panel missing

It has nothing to do with remote access to the gateway. This isn’t a networking problem, it’s entirely local to this machine.

I din’t have this problem these many days. i am observing this from past two days

So the firewall wouldn’t matter. Open up windows services and scan for anything security related

Something had to have changed on the local machine to cause this problem. A pushed update? A new group policy? New user account?

The fact it works on the other machine proves even more so that it’s specific to your machine.

Would re installing ignition work?

To entirely eliminate the chance of pure file permissions, update the permissions on the .ignition directory for full modification access (if not already).

No. There’s nothing wrong with the Ignition Gateway. What’s occurring is that on startup of the designer, local files are attempting to be created in the .ignition directory, but the designer application is denied access in doing so.

It’s either a permissions issue on the .ignition directory (extremely unlikely) or some other application is preventing the designer from getting write access (likely).

i checked the properties of that directory, it showed that it contains 1 GB of data and ‘hidden’ property was checked . i unchecked it and deleted the workspace files. its working fine now.


Welp, my bad for assuming they were already visible. Glad to hear it’s working.

Yes a great learning. Thank you for the support