Perspective components in 8.1 run error

first, my English is pretty limited…

I’m trying to build ignition-sdk-examples perspective-component module. I successfully compile the example and create the .modl file. However, when I install the example module into ignition and try to run the designer. I get the exception in ignition “Exception while starting up module “org.fakester.radcomponent”.”
I unzipped the perspective-component-1.0.0.jar file. It’s empty, only one folder “META-INF”, it seems that the jar have not been got from “Nexus Repository” ?

Does anybody have any insight on how best to approach this and what specific pieces of ignition I need to be concerned with?

If you’re building to target 8.1, then you need to use a different base until we update the master branch:

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Thanks, Could you let me know. If I want to create usable perspective component example now. Which version is stable?

As far as I know, the version I linked.

I’m not sure why your attempt isn’t building successfully. Are each of the submodules building correctly? Try ./gradlew :web:build, to specifically build the web submodule, then check its build/ directory.

It can be successfully built for a single submodule.
web build log.txt (3.4 KB) , this is web module build log.
build log 20201118.txt (11.7 KB) , this is perspective-component module build log.
wrapper.txt (3.9 KB) , this is log whe module install into ingnition.
Or what information can I provide to help for troubleshoot the problem, please let me know, thanks

I have the same problem with the “ComponentBuilder.withPaletteCategory”

this is the solution. Now work