Perspective Components left behind in group movement

As is shown in the following footage, when I group and select a couple of components in Perspective and try to move them by keyboard Arrows keys, some of the components are left behind.
This is also the case when I try to fine-tune the position with the Alt+Arrow keys.
The only position way to prevent this problem is to step by step move objects and delay between each step. It is obviously performance and FPS drop in Designer.
I experience this from 8.0.0 until now but it is really getting annoying for development.

Left over


Hi nader.chinichian,

I suggest opening a ticket with IA Support at so we can properly assess this issue and if needed a bug ticket can be created.

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Yes, this is annoying. I end up dragging with mouse for larger moves and then waiting between arrow key presses to fine tune at the end as @nader.chinichian noted.

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