Perspective container grouped objects layout issue

It seems like Perspective does not have a way to group object together like vision does. When I used Flex Container to group objects, the layout is not the same on different displays or when you zoom in or zoom out.
Are there ways to make Flex Container objects fixed layout like picture, it will keep the layout the same. I've tried different settings, so far, non of them works.

It doesn't really matter what you have for ...., because Vision and Perspective are so fundamentally different. Java Swing ≠ HTML5. For visuals, it is that simple.

Where Vision and Perspective are similar is in the data flow of binding and events, from tags and queries and expressions through scripting. That dramatically reduces the adjustment to Perspective for old Vision hands.

That said, it sounds like you want some features of a coordinate container. Nest one and try it. Just remember that the two container types are as opposite and cantankerous together as trying to mix Vision's Anchored and Relative layouts.


This is why I don't group components in a coord view into sub-coord containers... I want more hair, not less!


That's the whole point of flex containers. So the solution is pretty simple: don't use them.
Use coordinate containers instead. You can make them behave similarly to flex containers by using percentage values for position and size. It's easier to make a coord container act like a flex one than the opposite, so if you need some things to be flexible in an otherwise fixed layout, use coordinate containers.

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Thanks guys.
I used lot templates in Vision, it helps to reduce work, and increases productivity.
Perspective library does not work like Vision Template.
I F-hate Perspective so far, it limits connections, one edge license only allows 2 connections.
I am testing using Flex Containers inside a Flex Container that insides another Flex Container, Nest them and do not allow them to grow or shrink to get fix structure of a template layout. So much work to create a simple template.
I wish there is simple way to create a template.

That's true of the Vision UI in Edge, too.

Well if you're not using the right tools...
Creating templates in perspective is not more complicated than in vision (frankly I find perspective easier). You just need to get used to the differences.

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What kind of templates did you create? We have many object associate with one equipment; it looks good when you create it on one computer, and drag it in to your main screen with no issue whatsoever, but when people open it from different computer using different displays, the object could scrambled together and un usable.

Welcome to what is essentially reactive Web Development. When you use Flex Containers, you must apply the settings to determine how your components flex or grow as their available space changes.

If you don't want to do this, you must use a Coordinate Container.

A key tool when using flex containers is the justify prop (equivalent to justify-content from regular CSS). It's the way to "anchor" components at different ends of the container. If you then want a little space so things aren't right at the edge of the page, that's where you can add padding to the container's style.

image borrowed from the above guide

Also, it sounds like you might have too many items in one column or row container, causing things to wrap around in ugly ways when the page resizes. If you want to prevent that you have to manually put things in row containers and turn off wrap.

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I used Coordinate Container before, they had these issues with different display formfactors and resolution. It looked perfect the computer I develop it, I resize web browser with no issue.


For percent coord view, You should be setting the aspect ratio on the main view so that circles remain circles (for example). Embedded coord views and coord containers should be set to percent with no aspect ratio set

Thanks, I will test it when I got a chance, all displays in my office are the same.
I do not want to mess up with live projects for now.