Perspective container issue


I’ve got an issue with my root containers in ignition perspective in the designer.

The root container didn’t take the size of the page :

But when I run it in preview mode, everything is ok :

I’ve tried to modify default size of the page but it didn’t work, my containers always has the same size.

When I try to modify the root container size it resize my page.

It wasn’t like this when I begin my project.

I have upgraded the version of Ignition from 8.1.11 to 8.1.12 but it was ok when I re-opened my views at the beginning.

Even if I create a new view with any type of container, I’ve got this issue.

I’ve got other Ignition gateway on the same server but it use different port.

Can you help me ?



Hello everyone,
The problem seems to be with the prodction module of sepasoft in version 3.81.4 RC2.
When I uninstall this module my view where ok in the designer.