Perspective Context Menu

Currently the context menu on the table component just allows for “Copy” (Which doesnt seem to work either whenever I try it?) but I was curious if its possible to customize that context menu at all. I know there is the onContextMenu click event for the table, but it just matches your typical click event.

The end goal, is that my user currently clicks on a row and it navigates them to a new page, but I would like them to be able to right click (or click and hold on a touch screen) and “Open in new tab”

Any ideas?

Keith G.

There’s no way to customize the context menu of the Table component.

The best option available as of 8.0.16 is to have the onContextMenu Event open a Popup (with “Relative” positioning in place). The View of the Popup should be designed to be small and it should contain a link. You can style this link to look like a Label, but you’ll want to pass the Popup the intended destination as a param and Bind the url property of the Link to that Param. Set the text property of the Link to be “Open in new tab”. You also should set the target property of the Link to be tab.